‘Invalid credentials. Try again.’ when signing onto Workspace ONE UEM console with Active Directory credential

Awhile back, I wrote a post on the error when signing into UEM with my AD credential.

“Please contact Administrator” when signing onto Workspace ONE UEM console version with Active Directory credential

Today, I got a different error when signing in with my AD credential to our shared SaaS/sandbox CN135: ‘Invalid credentials. Try again.’

I have a separate basic admin account created in case of any issue logging in with my directory account. After logging in, I went straight to test connection under AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) and got the error below.

Groups & Settings _ All Settings - Google Chrome 2

I also got an error when testing connection under Directory Service.

Groups & Settings _ All Settings - Google Chrome 3

As a precaution, I logged into the ACC server and restarted the ACC service. When that didn’t resolve the issue, I restarted the ACC server which unfortunately didn’t resolve the issue either.

CN135 gets updated regularly to the latest/pre-released version. While we have a setting inside the UEM console to auto-upgrade ACC to match after each version upgrade, it’s best to upgrade ACC manually as well which we haven’t done for some time given the rapid changes with this environment. I did confirm the version of ACC matches the UEM console version so I doubt upgrading it manaully would help.

Eventually, VMware support advised possibly a cert that was updated over the weekend unexpectedly caused the issue above. The SaaS Ops team identified and corrected the issue quickly. There’s only so much one can complain given the nature of this environment.

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