About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am an information technology professional with years of work experience in global investment banking, legal, financial services, public relations, and healthcare industries. I have hands-on experience with Microsoft Windows, VMware, Citrix, Blackberry UEM, and AirWatch / Workspace ONE just to name a few. 

This blog mainly features some of my work along with other things I find interesting to share with my readers. Like any IT professional, I’ve come across numerous articles written by others in my journey. This blog is my way to give back to the community and perhaps exchange ideas along the way. I like to write as if I’m sharing my work with you in person.


Check out some comments I received from the VMware support forum!

[EXTERNAL] [Application Management] Migrate to App.png

[EXTERNAL] [Installs and Upgrades] Console version 19.02 versus 19.03 - Message (HTML) 2019-05-22 09.20.07.png


[EXTERNAL] [Installs and Upgrades] Upgrade from 9.2 to 19.02 - Message (HTML) 2019-05-14 08.47.56.png

Here’s a comment from Slack through Mobile Pros channel.


Here’s a retweet on Twitter.


Here’s a comment from LinkedIn.


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Here are a few comments from one of my blog posts.


Comments ‹ Thomas Cheng — WordPress.com - Google Chrome 2019-04-22 09.25.01.png

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Applying patch to address CVE-2020-4006 for Workspace ONE Access, Identity Manager and Connector ‹ Thomas Cheng ‹ Reader — WordPress.com - Google Chrome 2021-01-08 10.34.59