Intelligent Hub App Catalog settings have moved to Workspace ONE Hub Services!

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post titled VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Series Part 1: Evolve from Legacy App Catalog as Web Clip to Hub Catalog to document my journey maximizing the usage of the Intelligent Hub app while on UEM console version 20.06. Before I had the opportunity to write part 2 focusing on other features, I noticed a message now appeared in the UEM console version 21.05 when accessing the Hub Services features (GROUPS & SETTINGS > Configurations and then search for Intelligent Hub and click on the link):

Hub Message

Further down on the page, the CONFIGURE button for Catalog Settings is now greyed out as well with similar message stating that the settings have moved to Workspace ONE Hub Services.

Groups & Settings _ Configurations - Google Chrome

In the past, clicking on the CONFIGURE button above will redirect you to GROUPS & SETTINGS > All Settings > Apps > Workspace ONE > AirWatch Catalog > General > Publishing. While you can still access it directly, you can no longer enable or disable the specific ones for Intelligent Hub Catalog.

Untitled - Paint 2022-01-26 23.26.22

Let’s go back to GROUPS & SETTINGS > Configurations. Then, search for Intelligent Hub and again click on LAUNCH. Instead of being taken directly to the configuration page, I was presented with the below. Click NEXT and GOT IT on the next two screens.

Workspace ONE Hub Service - Google Chrome 2022-04-

Workspace ONE Hub Service - Google Chrome 2022-05-

Since I did make quite a bit of changes previously before the app catalog settings were moved, I decided to MIGRATE instead of starting from scratch.

Workspace ONE Hub Service - Google Chrome 2022-06-

The migration process took only seconds. Upon clicking FINISH, I was once again redirected back to the customization page.

Workspace ONE Hub Service - Google Chrome 2022-07-

For some reason, I encountered the error below during migration in another UEM environment. I will update this post with any update I may have from VMware support.

Workspace ONE Hub Service - Google Chrome 2022-02a-

But then the next day, I was redirected to the screen below. I suspect the button ‘DISCARD’ was clicked. 

Workspace ONE Hub Service - Google Chrome 2022-02-

Assuming your migration is successfu, I then notice that there are now additional sections that can also be configured. I won’t go into details on each of them here, but it’s definitely worth another blog post for the deep dive.

Workspace ONE Hub Service - Google Chrome 2022-08-

It’s amazing and pure joy to unleash the full potential of Intelligent Hub for the best mobile experience for the users. I can’t wait to see what else it can do!

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