Blackberry UEM User Self-Service Portal

When I was a teen, my friends and I worked in various positions at McDonald’s ranging from line cook to cashier. In 2018, however, artificial intelligence and automation are the buzzwords almost every business strives to take advantage of. McDonald’s is no exception with self-order kiosk, and maybe someday a robot will cook our burgers and fries. This new movement reminds me of the self-service feature for users to save on unnecessary support calls.

For this post, I follow the Blackberry KBs below. The steps are the same whether you are a cloud-based or on-premises customer.

In the UEM console, go to Settings -> Self-Service -> Self-Service settings.

Self-service access is already enabled by default. You may modify the values shown in this session as you see fit such as Minimum password complexity.


Also by default, only one user role is defined for self-service. You may modify the existing role, or create a new one as you see fit.



Once the settings are in place, you may share the link with your users

The kind of action a user can take is the same for both cloud-based and on-premises customer, however, the URL to access your self-service will vary. Below are a couple of examples.

Once the user logs in, he/she can perform actions set forth earlier in the UEM console.

Notice how the list of actions can vary depending on the device’s platform.


You may also add activate a new device or generate access key to activate Blackberry Dynamics app.


Here’s list of actions the user can take with the app.


By default, Send self-service login notification is checked off within the role. As such, a user will receive email notification similar to the below.


As always, stay mobile!



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