Upgrade VMware Workspace ONE Secure Email Gateway V2 from version 2.10 to 2.15 and beyond

In my previous post on the steps to upgrade VMware Workspace ONE UEM dedicated SaaS environment to a newer version, I mentioned it is not always necessary to upgrade your Secure Email Gateway (SEG) unless VMware support confirms a compatibility issue with your new version of UEM console. However, it is still recommended especially if the new version contains security and performance enhancement. Here’s a snapshot from the SEG release notes to support my recommendation.

VMware Workspace ONE Secure Email Gateway Release Notes - Google Chrome 2020-06-07 11.09.34

If you have not migrated from classic SEG to SEG V2, check my post Steps to migrate Secure Email Gateway (SEG) from the Classic Platform to the V2 Platform for further details.

Just like my post on the Upgrade AirWatch Cloud Connector in a dedicated SaaS environment from version 9.4 to 19.2 and beyond, be sure to review the Requirements for the Secure Email Gateway (V2) and the SEG release notes to ensure your SEG continues to meet the requirement and adjust as needed before upgrading.

The steps to upgrade are more or less the same from my previous post on the Upgrade VMware AirWatch/Workspace ONE from version 9.1 to 9.6 and beyond: Part 3 – Secure Email Gateway Upgrade for the on-premises environment. For this post, I’ve added a few additional screenshots wherever necessary.

Start by browsing to EMAIL > Email Settings > Email > Configuration. The first thing I do is to test the connection by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the MEM config to make sure there is no pre-existing issue.Untitled - Paint 2020-06-03 15.03.42

Email _ Email Settings - Google Chrome 2020-06-03

1Email _ Email Settings - Google Chrome 2020-06-03

Next, click on the dropdown arrow again to download the SEG installer. It will then redirect you to another website.

Untitled - Paint 2020-06-03 15.05.06

VMware® Secure Email Gateway V2 (2.15.1) - Google

1VMware® Secure Email Gateway V2 (2.15.1) - Google

Afterward, copy the installer to your SEG server.

Chrome Downloads 2020-06-03 15.14.54

Next, right-click on the SEG installer and select Run as administrator.

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.21.12

Click OK when you are prompted with the below.

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.21.49

Click Next on the remaining steps. I will highlight any exceptions along the way.

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.22.56

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.23.29

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.24.29

The newer version(s) of SEG contains an updated version of Java which must be installed. Click Yes when prompted.

Note: It is never a good idea to update Java manually. For more information, check out my post What’s wrong with updating Java manually on VMware AirWatch Tunnel server running Windows?

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.24.45

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.25.16

At the end of the Java update, you will be prompted to restart. My recommendation is No until your SEG is upgraded, but the choice is totally up to you.

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.26.23

Photos 2020-06-07 11.48.42

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-07-21 13.23.07

If you get prompted for the below during your upgrade, it is because the box Upload Locally within your MEM config is checked. Surprisingly, the steps outlined in this post are the same to renew this SSL certificate before it expires. For further details, check out the section Steps to Update Public SSL Certificate for Secure Email Gateway version 2 via this VMware KB.

Photos 2020-06-07 11.50.42

Untitled - Paint 2020-06-07 11.57.34

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.34.30

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.38.54

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.39.18

After clicking Finish, go ahead and restart your SEG server. I still recommend restarting it again even if you might have already done so after the previous Java update.

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.39.57

Before we wrap up this upgrade, be sure to uncheck the box Check for Updates Automatically within the Java Control Panel.

WMISE065 - Desktop Viewer 2020-06-04 11.54.38

As always, stay mobile!





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