Upgrade VMware AirWatch/Workspace ONE from version 9.1 to 9.6 and beyond: Part 3 – Secure Email Gateway Upgrade

In part 2 of this series, we upgraded the core components of VMware Workspace ONE: device services and console servers. In this post, I will share some of the steps I take to upgrade the auxiliary component: Secure Email Gateway (SEG).

Before we begin, make sure to verify the existing connection is successful within the console at Groups & Settings -> All Settings -> Email -> Configuration.


Afterward, click Export Settings from the same menu and export the XML file to the SEG server.


Also from the same short menu, click on Download SEG Installer and save it to the SEG server as well. Unlike the previous version, however, clicking on this link will redirect you to the VMware site.


From here, right-click on the installer as administrator and continue with the install.



The box below appears under version 9.6. I would expect the installer should be intelligent enough to know if KCD is enabled or not.


I’m also prompted to install additional software as part of the pre-requisites.


Other than the above, the remaining steps are the same as the previous upgrade. Be sure to reboot the SEG server for TLS 1.2 to take effect.


Unlike version 9.1, I noticed the AirWatch Diagnostics Service (SEG) is no longer present among the list of services after the upgrade. Per technical support, this service has been deprecated as it was a legacy component.


Be sure to perform the test connection once more and confirm email sync to the mobile device after the upgrade.

Since my console version has been upgraded to 9.6, I was expecting the same for SEG. Instead, it actually stays at version 9.5. Again per technical support, version 9.5 is the latest version for SEG classic. Customers are advised to migrate to SEG v2 per this link.


In part 4 of this series, we will move onto upgrading VMware Tunnel (proxy and Per-App VPN).

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