Error ‘rad’ upon uploading a .ipa file during internal app publication in VMware AirWatch

Recently, one of my developers wanted to push an internal app to our supervised devices through AirWatch. Upon uploading the .ipa file, however, I encountered an error ‘rad’ which didn’t make any sense to me at all.

Applications _ Native - Google Chrome 2020-01-13 1.png

My developer insisted that she was able to ‘side-load’ the app using Xcode by following the steps below without any issue:

  1. Connect your device
  2. Open Xcode
  3. Open Window Tab
  4. Select Devices and Simulator
  5. Drag and drop the ipa file to the installed app section for your device

I then reached out to VMware technical support and thankfully they discovered that:

  • There is a picture, which is actually used as a logo for the ipa file.
  • The name of the picture was something like NAME(space)APP(space)something else.
  • The expected way to name the logo picture should be without any spaces like nameapp.

I then relayed the info to my developer. After she changed the icon name within the code and regenerated the IPA file, I was able to upload and install it on a supervised device without any further issue.

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