Transition from AirWatch Agent to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

For years, I’ve used AirWatch Agent to enroll all of my corporate-owned devices. While the introduction of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub back on October 30th, 2018 might not mean much to end users, I know it’s now more than just another enrollment agent. Don’t take my words for it and see for yourself!

More info on this can be found via the links below. For this particular post, I will focus the setup on the iOS platform.

At the minimum, both the app icon and name have changed. You may begin upgrading the app on one or more enrolled devices.


Before updating the app on an individual device:


After updating the app on an individual device:


Asides from the icon name and logo change, there’s zero impact to end user.


Similar to AirWatch Agent, users will be able to access different areas shown below upon launching the app.




Pressing This Device will show me the basic health of the device in association with the Workspace ONE UEM server.


Pressing Support takes me to the next screen.


If you press Send Logs and depending on your console configuration, you should be able to view it under DEVICES -> Details View -> More -> Attachments



Pressing Run Tests takes me to the screen below. Even though my device is properly connected, it may say Not Connected at first but eventually should say Connected.




Pressing Advanced will reveal general info about your device at first.


Pressing More at the upper right-hand corner will give you additional info. I like this over AirWatch Agent as the former requires you to expand each of the sub-section individually.


Per the same link about from VMware, there are optional features that come with the Intelligent Hub. However, I would assume most if not all use the app mainly for device management purpose more so than anything else. It’s good to be proactive and start upgrading the app on users’ devices as soon as possible.


I have two remaining questions before closing this post.

After launching Hub and switching back to the mobile desktop, I notice the message keeps flashing on top. Why is that?


I also noticed launching Hub after the first time now asks to turn on Bluetooth to connect to accessories. But why?


As always, stay mobile!

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