Bye bye, Citrix Receiver. Hello, Citrix Workspace app!

As long as I could remember, accessing corporate applications remotely and securely requires either the Citrix PNAgent (age is only a number right?) or up until recently Citrix Receiver. So imagine the look on my face when my colleague came by and asked me to show him where the Citrix Receiver icon was on my VMware AirWatch iPhone. It took me no less than 15 seconds to realize it has been updated to Citrix Workspace.

From this:


To this:


I suppose digital workspace is indeed the new buzzword among the mobile industry, but it doesn’t necessarily carry the same meaning across different vendors. I pretty much know VMware Workspace ONE in the context of UEM and have a taste of Citrix Workspace. Blackberry Workspaces, however, focus on remote file access than anything else. Perhaps Blackberry will soon change its product naming convention to align with the workspace technology?

When it came time to install Citrix Receiver on my laptop, I thought why not give Citrix Workspace a try? As usual, I head to and saw the important update below:


I clicked Learn more and read through the questions. Among them, it did say the app requires a backend infrastructure to be correctly configured before it can be used.


Upon downloading the Workspace app, I began the installation process.





I then tested and was able to access my corporate application like I used to with Citrix Workspace. That means my backend infrastructure was already configured properly to support this new technology. Kudos to my Citrix team!



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