“Password can’t be set in this application due to IT Security Policy” when changing Blackberry Dynamics app password

An user was about to change the Blackberry Work app password when he came upon the error below:


The Blackberry KB describes the same error message, but it does not provide much detail on the solution.

“Password cannot be changed in this app. Change password in authenticating app.” OR “Password can’t be set in this application due to IT Security Policy.”

This is not necessarily an issue if you have the configuration similar to the below.

Within Blackberry UEM console, go to Policies and profiles -> Blackberry Dynamics.

Under App authentication delegation, you may have UEM Client listed as Primary like mine. In this case, any Blackberry Dynamics app such as Blackberry Work leverages the credential off the UEM Client for authentication.


As such, you can only change the password within the UEM Client. 

Here are the steps:

Launch UEM Client and press About.


Scroll down and press Blackberry Dynamics app password.


Fill in the current and new password accordingly.



    • I’m glad you asked, and we did just that for one of our clients with UEM hosted in the cloud. The only thing is that you will need to set up two separate passwords: one for Blackberry Work and one for UEM client. Keep in mind, however, users with devices already enrolled will be prompted to create a new app password for Blackberry Work if you have originally set UEM client as primary.


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