VMware AirWatch Browser – Offline access is restricted. Please connect to the internet to access resources.

A few days ago, users were unable to access any website with AirWatch Browser on corporate issued devices running iOS when connected to corporate WiFi. Soon after, it affected devices connected to cellular networks as well. Users simply got the message “Offline access is restricted. Please connect to the internet to access resources.” upon launching AirWatch Browser.

AW Browser issue - tcheng916@gmail.com - Gmail - Google Chrome 2017-07-09 21.47.55

After some troubleshooting, I noticed the same message appeared when launching the AirWatch agent as well. Meanwhile, there was no issue going online with various native apps such as map and weather. Also, I could send down device command such as “Lock Device” when this issue occurred.

As a result, we focused on troubleshooting communication issue between AirWatch applications and our AirWatch infrastructure. Upon further review with AirWatch technical support, we found that the application pool “DeviceManagement” was stopped on one of the two device services servers:

tcheng.ws.gellerco.net - Remote Desktop Connection - __Remote 2017-07-09 22.02.23

Upon starting this application pool, the issue was then promptly resolved.

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