Implement Blackberry Router to better secure Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management

When anyone mentions Blackberry, the first thing that comes to mind is security in part by the Blackberry infrastructure that spans across the globe. It is comforting to know that outbound traffic from the internal network can then be limited to such infrastructure only instead of the world wide web (or Wild Wild West.)

However, information security team at some organizations would not allow direct communication between the internal network and Blackberry infrastructure no matter how secure it may seem. Fear not, an optional component called Blackberry Router deployed in the DMZ will put everyone’s mind at ease. In this blog post, I will go through the installation and configuration process.


Source: Blackberry

Since the Blackberry Router will proxy traffic between your UEM server and Blackberry infrastructure, you need to make sure your firewall allows the traffic flows below. Replace the country code (us as an example) as needed.

Source: Blackberry Router
Destination: Blackberry Infrastructure
Port: 3101 (bi-directional)

Source: UEM Server
Destination: Blackberry Router
Port: 3102 (bi-directional)


  1. Copy and extract the installation file to the Blackberry Router host.bbrouter2.jpg
  2. Extract the zip file located at C:\BlackBerry\UEM\BlackBerry UEM 12.7.x\routerbbrouter3.jpgbbrouter4
  3. Launch command prompt as administrator
  4. Navigate to the folder to where setup.exe is located
  5. Run setup.exe –srphost us.srp.blackberry.combbrouter5.jpg
  6. Once the install completes successfully, it will create the folder structure shown below.


If you encounter the error below during installation, here are a few suggestions.


  • Review the Init.Log normally located at C:\Program Files\BlackBerry Routerbbrouter11.jpg
  • Check and confirm a bi-directional firewall between Blackberry Router and Blackberry UEM server over port 3102 is in place.


  1. Log onto Blackberry UEM console
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Infrastructure -> Blackberry Router and proxy
  3. Select Blackberry Router and click on the + signbbrouter7.jpg
  4. Enter the Blackberry Router address and click Addbbrouter8.jpg
  5. Click Save








Repeat the steps above for each additional Blackberry Router host you may have in your environment.

I hope you find this post helpful. Stay mobile!

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