Renew APNs for application in VMware Workspace ONE for UEM by AirWatch for on-premises environments

On an annual basis, we receive notification from VMware Workspace ONE to renew the APNs for applications for iOS devices. It’s important to handle this at the soonest to ensure push notification messages go through VMware applications on managed iOS devices successfully.

Be sure not to confuse APNs for applications with APNs for MDM. The later is required to manage iOS with any MDM solution.

There are many other certificates that require an update on a regular basis. For more information, check out the link below or check out my post here.

Updating Certificates for Workspace ONE UEM Services

We can confirm how many days before the APNs will expire for a list of applications by visiting GROUPS & SETTINGS -> All Settings -> Devices & Users -> Apple -> Apple  iOS -> APNs For Applications. 


To renew, first download the renewal script from the email received.



Then, take a backup of your Workspace ONE database and execute the renewal script accordingly. Notice the script name mentions SAAS.


Once the renewal script is executed, visit GROUPS & SETTINGS -> All Settings -> Devices & Users -> Apple -> Apple  iOS -> APNs For Applications again and you should see the dates to expire have been extended.


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