Integrate Slack with VMware Workspace ONE UEM

To be honest, I don’t know much about Slack other than the fact that most mobile professionals are on the workspace Mobile Pros instead of LinkedIn or the VMware Technology Network for Workspace ONE.

Meanwhile, I’ve been using Microsoft Teams on a daily basis and even more so when working from home to collaborate with my colleagues and vendors on multiple projects. Thus, I was a bit baffled when I was asked to deploy Slack with Workspace ONE UEM for additional control such as requiring MDM enrollment to access proprietary workspaces. Before continuing further, I searched around as I recalled news about the acquisition plan by either Microsoft or Amazon. Based on the headline below, however, I suppose that’s not the case.

Slack CEO_ Microsoft Teams is not a competitor to Slack - The Verge - Google Chrome 2020-05-02 23.13.35

So what does it take to integrate Slack with Workspace ONE UEM? Let’s get started!



  • VMware Workspace ONE UEM (others will work too but I like to go with the best)


You may refer to this link or this PDF for further details. Here’s a quick summary:

  • iOS with OS 10 or later is supported
  • Android Enterprise with OS 5 or later is supported (No Android Legacy)
  • Windows device is not supported

High-Level Tasks

I summarize the steps based on the link below plus others I found along the way.

Slack – Enable Enterprise Mobility Management for your org

  1. Take steps in the Slack Enterprise Grid to:
    • Choose an EMM provider
    • Turn on EMM
      • Choose who is affected
  2. Customize and approve the EMM email and Slack notification copy which takes effect once EMM is enabled in Slack:
    • Fill in the highlighted sections with your company information. This will be sent as both an email and Slackbot message to end-users once EMM has been enabled”
    • (Optional) Add your organization EMM links to email copy such as the links to download the apps.Copy of EMM Setup - Email Copy and Slack Notificat
    • Once configured, the email will look something like the below [EXTERNAL] Slack mobile security instructions - Me
  3. Configure Workspace ONE UEM
    • Add the Slack for EMM app (iOS and Android) to the catalog
      • For iOS, be sure to download the EMM version of the app.

Applications _ Native - Google Chrome 2020-05-04 2

    • Configure AppConfig values such as the ones below, as applicableSlack Technologies _ AppConfig Community - Google
      • OrgDomain: Ability to enter the Organization’s URL domain in order to fast forward users directly to Sign-On.
      • ApprovedDevice: Verification that the device is approved.
        • The value in my case is SlackAppConfig and we were advised this value should not be altered.
      • DisableCopy: Ability to prevent users from copy/pasting Slack messages.

Here is a sample application configuration for iOS.

Applications _ Native - Google Chrome 2020-05-05 1

Here is a sample application configuration for Android.

Workspace ONE UEM Console - Google Chrome 2020-051-

Optional: Register Slack with Workspace One (this requires VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence). Per Slack support, this portion is not a requirement and the example provided within the link is if you are going to be building a Slack App with the usage of the VMWare Workspace One Intelligence product.

User Experience

Here are the sample screenshots of what Slack looks like with MDM.



[EXTERNAL] Slack - Message (HTML) 2020-05-05 15.51

[EXTERNAL] Slack - Message (HTML) 2020-05-05 15.53


Photo - Google Photos - Google Chrome 2020-05-05 1

Photo - Google Photos - Google Chrome 2020-05-05 12

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