Publishing the Workday app with Application Configuration in VMware Workspace ONE UEM by AirWatch

This post has been updated with the latest configuration values directly from Workday as of 02/13/2020.

* Be sure to read and use the latest values that are published toward the end of this post.

A few years ago, I deployed the Workday app with Application Configuration values injected for better user experience. So when I was tasked to do the same recently at my current position, I thought it would be a no brainer. Well, for the most part anyway.

I started by adding the Workday app for both iOS and Android platforms. So far so good!

Applications _ Native - Google Chrome 2020-02-04 0

For Android, the fields are already available and you simply need to enter the relevant values accordingly.

Workspace ONE UEM Console - Google Chrome 2020-02-

For iOS, I had to enter various Configuration Key manually before entering the Configuration Value.

Applications _ Native - Google Chrome 2020-02-04 5

Upon launching the iOS app, it prompted me to enter the value for the Tenant. Separately, the Web Address field is pre-populated and grayed out which indicates part of the Application Configuration value is working.

At this point, I was confused as I did copy and paste the values directly from Workday documentation. Feeling somewhat defeated, I attempted to reach out to Workday for help with little to no luck.

Contact Numbers and Office Locations _ Workday - G

Then my memory kicked in about their community forum. Given that I’m in a new position, I had to request a new account with my business email address.

Request New Account _ Workday Community - Google C

Once I gained access to the site, I searched and came across this post initially created back on Jan 3rd, 2018 that solved my mystery.

Correct keys for Android using Airwatch MDM

Correct keys for Android using Airwatch MDM _ Work

Sure enough. The ‘s’ was, in fact, missing from Workday documentation provided to us!

DOCX File viewer _ Microsoft Teams - Google Chrome

As soon as I added the missing letter ‘s’, the Tenant field is now pre-populated upon launching the iOS app. Mission accomplished!

Update from 02/13/2020

I was glad that Andrew from Workday was monitoring this thread and provided the updated values to use for MDM.

Correct keys for Android using Airwatch MDM _ Work

Here’s the link with the correct values to use plus a few extra that I didn’t know about.

Reference: Mobile Device Management

Concept_ Mobile Authentication • Manage Workday •

Below is a sample for iOS.

Applications _ Native - Google Chrome 2020-02-13 1

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