Upgrade VMware Workspace ONE Launcher on Android


My Android devices (i.e. Zebra TC51) were originally running Launcher 4.2. At some point, we encountered an issue with the menu bar within the Launcher which was fixed in Launcher 4.3. A little less than a month later, Launcher 4.4 was released as well.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Launcher 4.3 for Android - Google Chrome 2019-07-17 23.42.45.png

In case you wonder, the Launcher version being deployed to your Android device is configured under DEVICES -> Devices Settings -> Devices & Users -> Android -> Service Applications. Below is a screenshot from console version 19.03. Note that the highest version of the Launcher at the time was 4.2.

Untitled - Paint 2019-07-18 00.06.03.png

Updating the Launcher to the proper version to address the issue was a no brainer whether these devices were in production or not. However, I was a bit lost initially as the wordings in each of the release notes are pretty much the same without clear instructions on the entire upgrade/downgrade process. If you stumble upon this post through the Internet search, I would imagine you feel the same way too.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Launcher 4.3 for Android - Google Chrome 2019-07-17 23.48.08.png

It also doesn’t mention the fact that the required steps will vary based on your console version and whether you are a SaaS or on-premises customers. In this post, I would go through the steps required for dedicated SaaS customers which should apply for on-premises customers as well.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Launcher 4.3 for Android - Google Chrome 2019-07-17 23.50.34.png


For on-premises console, you need to run a SQL file (Seed Script) against your AirWatch database so that the new version(s) of the Launcher becomes visible as a new selection in the console. Optionally, you can also deploy the latest version of the Launcher as an internal app.

For customers with dedicated SaaS, simply submit a request with technical support and the operation team will handle the database seeding for you.

My Workspace ONE - Google Chrome 2019-07-17 23.59.13.png


After the new version(s) is seeded to your console, go to DEVICES -> Devices Settings -> Devices & Users -> Android -> Service ApplicationsThen, simply specify the AirWatch Launcher Version you wish to deploy/upgrade to and click SAVE. That’s it!

Below screenshot shows both Launcher version 4.3 and 4.4 available as selection after the database is seeded.

Untitled - Paint 2019-07-19 08.10.07.png

Here’s a screenshot of the device in the console showing the Launcher version installed before a different one is selected.

RES_MIS_AWSM_AENONCI Android Android 7.1.2 18332522504419 - Google Chrome 2019-07-19 08.17.24.png

Below is a screenshot from the device showing the original Launcher version.

1.jpg ‎- Photos 2019-07-19 10.34.05.png

Upon selecting a higher version of the Launcher in the console, you will notice it’s promptly and silently downloaded behind the scene when your screen is unlocked.

2.jpg ‎- Photos 2019-07-19 10.35.59.png

If your screen is locked, you will also see the below as well to confirm that a newer version of the Launcher is being downloaded.

4.jpg ‎- Photos 2019-07-19 10.36.33.png

5.jpg ‎- Photos 2019-07-19 10.39.15.png

After the newer version of the Launcher is installed, a quick glance of the device in the console should reveal the same (i.e. from 4.2 to 4.3).

RES_MIS_AWSM_AENONCI Android Android 7.1.2 18289522512736 - Google Chrome 2019-07-19 08.18.33.png

You can also confirm the version has in fact been upgraded within the Launcher (i.e. from 4.2 to 4.3).

6.jpg ‎- Photos 2019-07-19 11.07.24.png

You may also come across a scenario where it’s necessary to downgrade the Launcher to a lower version. If so, begin by uninstalling the existing Launcher from the device. Then, specify a lower version of the Launcher within the console. Upon completion, the lower version of the Launcher will be pushed to the device.

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