Update on accessing Android Enterprise Academy

Back in September of 2018, I completed two training courses offered by Google on Android Enterprise while vacationing with my family (only after kids were asleep.) You can learn more via my previous blog post below:

Getting certified in Android Enterprise Associate / Professional with Google Academy

After hearing about the release of the new course on Zero-touch enrollment on LinkedIn, I could hardly contain my excitement!


For some reason, however, I was not able to access this particular training course. In fact, the course I could see under Android Enterprise Academy was Start Here: Welcome to the Academy!


After reviewing comments from others on the same LinkedIn post, I realize there has been a change where a valid company email is now required for verification purposes by taking a few simple steps shown below.



Fill in the Company and Company email and select a timezone. Then, click SAVE.


You will also need to click on the below before the confirmation email is sent to your company email.


After maybe a few hours later, you should receive the below at your company’s email. Click Verify to continue.

[EXTERNAL] Verify your company email for Academy for Ads - Message (HTML) 2019-06-13 11.23.51.png

Sign in - Google Accounts - Google Chrome 2019-06-13 11.25.19.png

Once the verification process completes, you shall have access to the courses again!

I do wish Google will communicate such a change better in the future as I was totally clueless without the help of LinkedIn. That’s the power of the community!

Catalog _ Google - Google Chrome 2019-06-13 11.26.16.png

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