Allow screen captures within Blackberry Dynamics apps on Android devices

It’s exciting to see Google has picked up steam in bringing more Android devices to the corporate environment with Android for Work. In a certain environment like mine, however, sticking with iOS makes sense as the experience has been very consistent from initial setup to day-to-day usage and support across a wide range of devices. Still, companies should invest in adopting Android technology to help attract and retain top talents who were born and raised in a world where carrying a smartphone is a God-given right. This couldn’t be farther from the truth especially for BYOD users.

For security reason, we do not allow screen capture on Android devices within Blackberry Dynamics apps. However, from time to time this ability comes in handy, especially for documentation purpose. To allow this, you will need to uncheck Do not allow screen captures on Android devices within your Blackberry Dynamics profile.


You may notice that there is no equivalent option for iOS devices. I spoke and confirmed with Blackberry technical support that several feature requests have been submitted to have such option available. For now, it’s either all or nothing approach for iOS devices.


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