Feature to generate warning prompt when emailing external recipients with native mail client on iOS and 3rd party mail app

When was the last time you email someone outside of your company by mistake? It’s even more prevalent when sending it from your mobile devices thanks to the mini keyboard (virtual or physical). Depending on the nature of your business, this minor mistake can cause serious trouble.

When emailing from your desktop mail client or webmail client, perhaps a good practice to follow is to set up some sort of time delay (such as Boomerang for Gmail or Delay Delivery feature in Outlook) before the actual email gets sent.


While such option is not available with native mail app on iOS or 3rd party mail apps, a similar feature may help mitigate or eliminate the risk altogether.

For native mail app on iOS, there is no option to schedule sending an email or have a warning prompt generated whenever external recipient is present. I spoke with Apple Enterprise Support and even submitted a feature request through my colleague’s Apple developer account. However, I was advised the Apple mail app is designed primarily for the consumer than enterprise users. So I wouldn’t keep my hopes up. And as long as Apple refuses to share the necessary API with EMM vendors, there is no workaround for this option to be available even on managed/supervised devices.

If your device is managed with VMware AirWatch, the suggestion below may help.

Start by adding a new profile (iOS in this case).


Fill out the information under General and assign this profile accordingly.


On the left side of the screen, select Managed Domains payload. Then fill in the field as shown. Just a quick reminder per VMware AirWatch, the best practice is to have only one payload per profile.


Once the profile applies to the device, try sending an email and you will notice email domain not listed within the profile earlier will be highlighted in red.


I mentioned earlier features that Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors can manage depends mainly on having access to applicable Apple API. For mail apps that vendors develop in-house, such as VMware Boxer or Blackberry Work, we can configure to have a warning prompt generated before the email is sent.

For VMware Boxer managed by VMware AirWatch, you will append the keys described below within Application Configuration section of the app under APPS & BOOKS -> Applications -> List View -> Public or Purchased. This feature was first introduced in April of 2018 per this link.




For Blackberry Work managed by Blackberry UEM, navigate to Apps -> Apps. Then click on Blackberry Work.


Click on the applicable app configuration.


Under App Settings tab, scroll down to Authorized Email Domains and check off the box as shown. Then fill in the authorized email domains and save.



Once this app configuration takes effect, this is what will happen:

When you send an email to the authorized domain configured within the app configuration, the recipient is shown in blue.


When you send an email to anywhere outside of the authorized domain, the recipient is shown in purple.


You will then be asked to confirm by hitting Send again before the email is actually sent.


I hope you find this post helpful.

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