Implement Blackberry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) Part 6 – Maintenance and Upgrade

As long you have some or all of your Blackberry components hosted on your network, you are ultimately responsible for their upkeep. In part 6 of this series, I will share the steps I generally take whenever the need arises whether to apply Windows updates, upgrade to newer version, or to participate in disaster recovery exercise.

Based on my existing setup, technically no action is needed if a server is offline on purpose or not due to having more than one for each of the Blackberry components. Taking the steps below, however, will help avoid or minimize interruption to your end users and guessing game among your Blackberry admins.

Blackberry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM)
Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS)
Blackberry Router

Blackberry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM)

Start by shutting down relevant Blackberry services on host(s) either manually or with PowerShell (launch it as administrator)


Confirm host(s) is offline within UEM console under Settings -> Infrastructure -> Instances.


You may also review the hostname_AFMGR_date log, and look for entries similar to the below on remaining active host(s):


Install Windows patches and reboot host(s). Then, confirm relevant Blackberry services are started on host(s). Finally, confirm host(s) is connected within UEM console.


Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS)

Follow the screenshots below to remove server(s) within the UEM console. Then take the same steps to add server(s) back to the UEM console.


Blackberry Router

Follow the screenshot below to remove server(s) within the UEM console. Then take the same steps to add server(s) back to the UEM console.


I hope you find this and the rest of the posts within this series helpful.

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