Getting VMware AirWatch Associate Accreditation: Enterprise Mobility (EMA)

I’ve been working with AirWatch since version 7.0. However, getting accreditated never crossed my mind. But after taking the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility: Boot Camp which includes four chances to take the exam, there is really no excuse not to do it.

To prepare for the exam VMware AirWatch Associate Accreditation: Enterprise Mobility (EMA), I downloaded all the related product guides based on the latest version (i.e 8.4) and read them from beginning to end. I also watched all the videos available to AirWatch customers at The same site also offers lots of hands on labs which are extremely helpful especially on components that I may not have implemented in my environment.

This online/self-proctored exam consists of 45 questions with a passing score of 70% and must be completed in 90 minutes. Technically it’s open book which means you can reference any material during the exam. If you think that means you can cheat by not preparing for it, you will be sure to fail as most of the questions are not straight forward. With both real world experience and knowledge from the guides, I was able to finish all the questions in half the time allotted. I reviewed all the answers once more before hitting the “submit exam” button.

Upon doing so, you will know the result immediately.


When you log back into, you will see the shining badge of honor and a link to share on your LinkedIn profile, etc.


Here’s my link if you like to verify my accreditation.

Up nex: VMware AirWatch Professional Accreditation: Enterprise Mobility (EMP). Wish me luck!


  1. How much does this exam costs ? and once enrolled for the exam how many retakes is permitted in case if i failed to score it in first attempt ?


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