‘Your Payment Information Needs To Be Updated’ when purchasing an app within Apple Business Manager

After selecting an app to purchase, assigning to an UEM environment and specifying the quantity, I then clicked on the Get button like I normally would to complete the transaction. This time, however, I was prompted with the below:


I then went to Settings and couldn’t quite figure out what might be missing under Apps and Books  > My Billing Information. Then, my manager randomly hit the Add button and discovered that the phone number field was blank. 

Apple Business Manager - Google Chrome 2021-10-20

Apple Business Manager - Google Chrome 2021-10-20a

Upon filling in the missing piece, we were able to complete the purchase. Separately, I received an email to confirm the change was made.

[EXTERNAL] Your Apple ID information has been upda

This is truly one of those ‘Go Figure‘ moments.

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