‘Your request to install failed!’ when installing managed Google app on Android Enterprise enrolled devices

We recently published an app to our app catalog for Android users. For some reason, however, our Android Enterprise users encountered the error below after initiating the install.

Your request to install failed! Please refresh, retry then contact your IT Administrator if this problem persists.

Photos 2019-08-15 14.33.54.png

To resolve, start by logging onto Managed Google Play. I then noticed the message ‘APPROVED, BUT NEW PERMISSIONS REQUESTED‘. Given the history of this app, I clicked ‘APPROVE‘ and continue.

Coupa - Android Apps on Google Play - Google Chrome 2019-08-15 14.17.12.png

Afterward, the option ‘Keep approved when app requests new permissionsis already selected and should be fine for most apps. Click SAVE to continue.

In this particular case, however, the other option ‘Revoke app approval when this app requests new permissions‘ was previously selected. This is why Android Enterprise users encounter the error mentioned above when trying to install this app as permissions have changed.

Coupa - Android Apps on Google Play - Google Chrome 2019-08-15 14.18.23.png

If you ever need to change this option on any other managed app, simply click ‘APPROVAL PREFERENCES‘ at any time.

Coupa - Android Apps on Google Play - Google Chrome 2019-08-15 14.28.52.png

As always, stay mobile!

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