Activate Management of Custom B2B application

This post is a short one as it focuses only on the steps taken to import a custom B2B app. For more information, check out the link from VMware below.

Activate Management of Custom B2B Applications

These custom B2B apps might be the same public apps except they are customized for specific organizations, or they might only be available from certain vendors.

Once the custom app is assigned to our VPP account or ABM account, we follow the normal purchase protocol and sync it down to our AirWatch console. Notice by default the custom app appears as Unkown. Per the same link above:

AirWatch creates placeholders for all applications it deems as custom B2B. The system creates the placeholders because it cannot retrieve the metadata like the icon, the name, and the bundle ID from an app store. Activate management by entering the missing metadata.


You now need to manually enter the required information such as Application Name and Bundle ID. Click Upload and provide an image for the app which is usually provided by the vendor. Then, click Save.


Don’t forget to Enable Device Assignment within the app to avoid the need for Apple ID on each device before the custom app can be distributed and installed.




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