VPP apps not being installed with ‘Error Code : 3 Cannot connect to iTunes Store’

Recently, my colleague brought to my attention that a couple of VPP apps were not installed after the devices enrolled in AirWatch successfully.

Upon further review in the web console, I could only see the error code below which didn’t make much sense.

Google Chrome 2019-10-28 15.52.19.png

Google Chrome 2019-10-28 15.54.00.png

In addition to reaching out to VMware support for assistance, I also created the post below in the community forum. Turns out this was an issue with Apple as lots of other AirWatch admins were having the same issue.

VPP app fails to install with ‘Error Code : 3 Cannot connect to iTunes Store’

I will see if I can get additional details on this issue and update this post accordingly.

Here’s an update from AirWatch. It sounds like the fault was with Apple and we may never find out the root cause.

“When a VPP app is assigned to a device, we check if there is a license for that app assigned to the device, and once the license is confirmed, the Apple servers automatically push down the application. Once the installation of the app begins, AirWatch is completely out of the picture.”

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