Free and Demo Accounts from Jamf Now

Recently, I received an email offer from StackSkills that users can manage 3 devices for free via Jamf Now forever! Even T-Mobile has partnered up with Jamf (and many others) to help business customers with managing the mobile fleet.

While professionally I work mostly with VMware Workspace ONE UEM by AirWatch and Blackberry UEM, I’m always interested in learning about other MDM solutions with limited resources (i.e. time and devices.) Granted, Jamf Now is nowhere near its full-blown MDM brother Jamf Pro. It does, however, give prospective customers or even IT professionals a taste of managing mobile devices and apps with ease. And did I already mention it’s free for up to 3 devices? I have yet to come across any other MDM solution with such an offer! (please comment on this post if you do know of any. Thanks!)

To start, simply click on this link and set up your account.

Sign Up - Jamf Now - Google Chrome 2019-07-20 15.04.24.png

Once you finish creating your account, check your email and complete the verification process with a simple mouse click.

Sign Up - Jamf Now - Google Chrome 2019-07-20 15.07.39.png

Please verify your email address - - Gmail - Google Chrome 2019-07-20 15.08.07.png

Upon logging into the console for the first time, I’m already guided to set up Apple’s Push Notification service (APNs) which is essential to manage any iOS devices. Apple Business Manager (ABM) and the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) are also available separately under APPLE SERVICES.

My Devices - Jamf Now - Google Chrome 2019-07-20 15.09.15.png

Other than the above, Blueprints are pretty much the same as payloads (i.e. restriction, Wi-Fi, Email, etc.) in VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

Jamf Now - Google Chrome 2019-07-22 00.10.34.png

And similar to VMware Workspace ONE UEM, you can choose from a wide range of templates that suits your industry with Jamf Now.

Blueprint Recommendations - Jamf Now - Google Chrome 2019-07-22 00.01.15.png

If you are really short with time, you can just access the demo account at the login site and impress your boss and colleagues with zero effort.

Login - Jamf Now - Google Chrome 2019-07-20 17.01.34.png

My Devices - Jamf Now - Google Chrome 2019-08-04 23.58.03.png

As always, stay mobile!

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