Getting Invalid Credentials when logging into the web interface of VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.3.0 and below

While preparing to upgrade my VMware Tunnel / Unified Access Gateway, I noticed I couldn’t log in with my credential. I’m aware by default the admin password must be changed every 90 days. However, I should still be able to log in with an outdated password and be prompted to change once I log in.


When I attempted to log into the appliance as root, I was prompted to change my password as well. I wasn’t aware there’s a password age for the root account also. According to technical support, this shouldn’t be the case at all.


I then found the link below and confirmed the steps with VMware Workspace ONE

Reset the admin Password for the Access Point REST API


Once you regain access to the admin console, be sure to reset the password accordingly (unless you wish to keep the same password here).



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