Implement Blackberry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) Cloud Part 4 – Configure Push Notification with BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS)

In part 4 of this series, we will go through the steps required to set up push notification for Blackberry Work.

This post assumes that you already have Blackberry Work configured to access user’s mailbox in your Microsoft Exchange environment. If you haven’t done so, follow the link Configure BlackBerry Work app settings.

Since we are using Blackberry Proxy within our Blackberry Connectivity Nodes for Blackberry Work to connect to Microsoft Exchange, another reminder worth mentioning is to make sure the necessary firewalls are already in place. You will know if they are by checking the Blackberry Proxy Service status within your cloud tenant outlined in part 1 of this series. You may also reference the link Connecting BlackBerry Proxy to the BlackBerry Dynamics NOC.

Before we follow the link Configure email notifications for BlackBerry Work to set up push notification, we must first configure a service account with application impersonation permission in Microsoft Exchange. This link gives you the steps required.

Once the impersonation permission is set, browse to Settings -> Blackberry Dynamics -> Email notifications. Then, fill in the info accordingly and click Test connection to confirm all is well. Don’t forget to click Save!


Again, do NOT continue if you get this.


If you run into any further issue, check out the link below.

BlackBerry Work activated to BlackBerry UEM Cloud does not receive email notifications

In particular, both cause 3 and 4 came a bit as a surprise to me since I didn’t have to take those additional steps for on-premise UEM and BEMS setup.

  • Cause 3: The BlackBerry Cloud Enterprise Services app is not assigned to the users.
  • Cause 4: The BlackBerry Dynamics Connectivity profile assigned to the users has incorrect settings.

I also found the additional links below very helpful to ensure proper setup of push notification:

Support for BlackBerry Dynamics with BlackBerry UEM Cloud

The link below empathizes that on-premise version of BEMS or UEM cloud is separate products from Blackberry Dynamics Cloud. Thus, the steps to take are totally different. New UEM admin may get these confused as they all have the keyword cloud in the title.

Where do I configure email push notifications in BlackBerry Dynamics Cloud

For further troubleshooting, the links below might help as well.

Email notifications not received from BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS) Cloud because autodiscover URL has the wrong extension

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS) Cloud cannot subscribe to notifications because the autodiscover override URL has a leading white space

That wraps up part 4 of this series. While there are many other areas within UEM cloud that you can configure, in my opinion, all 4 parts of this series are essential and should be completed to ensure the highest satisfaction among your users.

As always, stay mobile!

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