Blackberry Proxy Service and Control Service show status “paused” in Blackberry UEM console

A while ago, I set up a QA environment so I can test out different policies/profiles/apps without affecting existing users. Unlike VMware AirWatch, you can have as many Server Routing Protocol Identifier (SRP ID) setup as you like within your account. The additional SRP ID(s) will consume the same number of licenses you have purchased for your account.

One particular aspect I like about Blackberry UEM is its support for high availability. Even if you have multiple networks in your environment, you can have active/active setup as long as your UEM nodes can communicate with one another.

Generally, among the list of services within the UEM console, only the Blackberry UEM – Blackberry Affinity Manager service might show Standby under Status if you have more than one UEM nodes. All other services should show Running. For some reason, I discovered that both Blackberry Proxy and Blackberry Control services show Paused instead of Running.


The Blackberry KB below describes different scenarios why this might happen.

Below is found in my gc_server log which somewhat matched what’s described in the first Blackberry KB:

2018-07-23 16:10:09,862 DEBUG GDEntSvr/829c7594-ca97-46d4-b79c-aea44a8d6df9 com.good.gmc.GmcServer – Status: {“paused”:true,”name”:”BlackBerry UEM – BlackBerry Control Service,”ha”:{“scheme”:”active-active”,”state”:”active”},”health”:{“score”:60},”serviceID”:”GoodControl”,”version”:”″,”connections”:[{“connected”:false,”type”:”MDC”,”dest”:”″},{“connected”:false,”type”:”PUSHGW”,”dest”:”″},{“connected”:true,”type”:”DB”,”dest”:”jdbc:sqlserver://MGSQLDWD01:1433;databaseName=BlackberryControlDB;integratedSecurity=true;sendStringParametersAsUnicode=false;multiSubnetFailover=True”,”properties”:[{“name”:”dialect”,”value”:”com.good.db.util.SQLAddNVarCharDialect”},{“name”:”driver”,”value”:””}]}]}
2018-07-23 16:10:09,996 ERROR HealthCheckMonitor1/829c7594-ca97-46d4-b79c-aea44a8d6df9 com.good.gmc.monitor.HttpConnectivityMonitor – HttpConnectivityMonitor Http connectivity failed to URL Connection reset

However, I confirmed my UEM node met all the conditions listed below:

Below is found in my gpslog_server log which somewhat matched what’s described in the second Blackberry KB:

2018-07-23 16:10:12,967 INFO Cron0 com.good.gps.App – BES Status: {“paused”:true,”name”:”BlackBerry UEM – BlackBerry Proxy Service“,”ha”:{“scheme”:”active-active”,”state”:”active”},”health”:{“score”:80},”serviceID”:”GoodProxy”,”version”:”″,”connections”:[{“connected”:true,”type”:”GC”,”dest”:”UEM_server,UEM_server”,”properties”:[{“name”:”lastConnectedTimeStamp”,”value”:”2018-07-23T16:10:12.604-04:00″}]},{“connected”:true,”type”:”session”,”properties”:[{“name”:”maxSession”,”value”:”15000″},{“name”:”activeSession”,”value”:”0″},{“name”:”totalSession”,”value”:”0″},{“name”:”idleSession”,”value”:”0″},{“name”:”noOfdirectConnectConnections”,”value”:”0″},{“name”:”noOfrelayConnections”,”value”:”0″},{“name”:”dest”,”value”:””},{“name”:”port”,”value”:”443″}]},{“connected”:false,”type”:”MDC”,”dest”:””,”properties”:[{“name”:”lastConnectedTimeStamp”,”value”:”Not Connected”},{“name”:”port”,”value”:”443″}]}]}

Upon further review of our firewall logs, we saw several connection reset between my UEM node and (over port 443). Upon correcting the setting in our firewall, both Blackberry Proxy and Blackberry Control services show Running once again.


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